Current Candle Favourites | June 2015

Current Candle Favourite

My name is Katie and I have a candle addiction...seriously it's a problem, I need candle rehab! I probably already have a lifetimes worth of candles but you can never have too many right?! That's what I like to tell myself anyway! So I thought I would do a little round up of my favourites at the moment! 

Starting from the left my favourite Yankee Candle of the moment is Caramel Pecan Pie, I love this so much I don't like burning it in case I can never find it again! I bought it at an outlet store for insanely cheap! It's super sweet and rich but that's my bag! 

Recently I've been loving Our Own Candle Company, this scent is the Black Raspberry Vanilla, lovely and fruity but with a creamy vanilla scent too. Also from Our Own Candle Company is the Country Pancakes and Syrup scent, need I say more?! Super sweet, cakey and totally yummy! 

From Sainsbury's I've been loving the Vanilla and Oatmeal scent, recommended by Fleur de Force. I'm obsessed with the cloche it comes in, the scent is rich and oaty but still sweet and light, really fills the room! 

Finally the most extravagant of my candles is one I got for my birthday, the Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon scent. This candle is a little like marzipan, with the sweet almond scent, really fresh and totally gorgeous! 

What are your favourite candles?


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