Travel | Paris Photo Diary | Part 4

For our final day in Paris, we started off by packing our bags and leaving them at the apartment to pick up later. We then set off to get breakfast at a cafe I'd read about called Marcel, they have a few branches around Paris, but one was in walking distance from our apartment and on our way to the Sacre Coeur. Marcel was lovely and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting, I went for the french toast with bananas and caramel sauce and by boyfriend had waffles with strawberries and cream, both divine! 

After we'd fuelled up we made our way to the Sacre Coeur, which was totally gorgeous, the building is gorgeous and the view from the top is breathtaking! There was also a little food market there which took us by surprise, but my boyfriend spotted something that took his eye, being the savoury food fiend he is! We didn't really know what it was when we bought one but it was topped with cheese and put under the grill which was good enough for us! It turned out to be loads of mashed potato with a tonne of meted cheese on top, there were lots of different options but we went for camembert, honestly it was amazing, we were drooling eating it! I'd highly recommend getting one if you spot them! 

After the Scare Coeur we made our way to the last location on our trip, the catacombs, I was really excited for this, as was my boyfriend. It really is as interesting as you think it will be, very macabre and not to everyones taste, but I love strange things like this and I'm so glad I visited. Well that's where our trip ends, I should also mention breaking down into tears when finding out all trains to the airport were cancelled, then being ripped off by a taxi driver and running through the airport like the McAllisters on Home Alone, while weeping another 2 times before making it to the gate with 10 minutes to spare...

So although the trip ended on a sour note, we had an amazing time, I can't believe how much we managed to squeeze in, it was certainly hectic! I would love to visit Paris again without the pressure to see all the big sights and just relax and explore! Here are the posts on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time overall, such a shame that the ending to it wasn't great!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and I'm so sorry that you had a bad experience at the end! I have travelled to Paris from London by the Eurostar many times and they have always been stressless and relaxing journeys :) Maybe you can try travelling there by Eurostar next time! If you book the tickets a few months beforehand they are always quite decently priced <3

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡


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