Throwing a Eurovision Party

Throwing a Eurovision Party
Throwing a Eurovision Party
Throwing a Eurovision Party
Throwing a Eurovision Party

I'm not even a little bit ashamed to say I've been a massive Eurovision fan since I was little. I can remember sitting around the TV, picking who we each want to win, and these days, it's no different. For a few years friends had Eurovision parties where we would all dress as a different country, put a £2 wager in each and the winner would get the lot (I won 2 years in a row!). But last year I stayed at home and decided to throw my own little party, complete with a buffet from around the world! 

So here's a few of my little ideas for an easy Eurovision party - 

- Pick foods from around the world for your buffet, find little flags on toothpicks (or make them yourself like I did here) and stick them in all the different foods! 

- Have a look for European food in shops like Aldi or Lidl, they have lots of foreign foods. 

- Have a themed tablecloth and decorations (I found this piece of material in Yorkshire Trading Company). 

- Print out a scorecard or pick your own countries and dress up as them! 

- Look for Eurovision themed games on Pinterest, there are loads of drinking games and rules that you can print out! 

Do you like Eurovision?


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  1. Awesome idea! Its sounds so fun and the buffet looks tasty. I’m not a big fan of Eurovision as such but having a little party is so cool!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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