Review | Q10 Revitalising Day & Night Cream

Q10 is a range of facial creams from the brand Pharma Nord, until recently I hadn't heard of this brand, but after being contacted asking if I wanted to try the creams out, I gave them a Google and they have some really nice products, mostly vitamins etc. The creams I tried were the Revitalising Day & Night Creams, they're both specifically targeted at intensively moisturising dry skin and regenerating a loss of collagen to make your skin feel refreshed and soft. 

I think that the packaging of the creams is really nice, super sleek. The creams themselves both smell pleasant, not too medicinal but still natural. The creams are both paraben free which is fab, I find because I have such sensitive skin, it likes natural products more than ones packed with chemicals. I found that the day cream was nice and light but still creamy enough to feel like it's doing a good job. I thought that the cream sank in quickly and sat well underneath my makeup. With the night cream I found that it was heavier but super nourishing, it didn't linger too much before I went to bed which is great, (no face stuck to the pillow). 

The creams are targeted at all skin types, my mam also really likes these creams so I think they work well for younger and older skin. They're £25.90 for both which I think is great value for money for the quality and quantity of the creams. 

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