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Xtras Accessories to me, always used to be "that place where you can buy hair extensions", only when I was contacted asking if I would like to review some of the cosmetics they stock did I realise how many products they actually sell! I was so surprised when browsing the website to see a variety of cosmetic brands available to buy, including Barry M, Bourjois, Collection, Essie, L'Oreal, Max Factor Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel and what I will be looking at today, W7. 

W7 isn't a brand I've tried before, although I've always seen it around. It's fairly obvious (to people with eyes) that W7 tries to create affordable dupes of high end products, they all looked great and I couldn't wait to give them a try! 

Raspberry Lip Balm - £3.49 - This is clearly supposed to be a dupe of the EOS lip balms, which I am yet to try. The raspberry scent from the lip balm is divine! It's lovely and smooth and applies really well, I'm obsessed with putting it on, it's really moisturising and not greasy. 

Absolute Lashes Mascara - £3.99 - This mascara is supposed to be a dupe of the Benefit They're Real mascara, you're not very subtle W7, the packaging is literally exactly the same! I wasn't blown away with this mascara, probably because They're Real is one of my all time favourites and I couldn't help but to compare them, although for the price I thought this was decent. 

In the Buff: Lightly Toasted Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette - £5.99 - Again another dupe, this time for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I think this one looks a lot like the Naked 2, one of my go to  palettes that I use nearly everyday, I'm obsessed with it. For the price I think these eyeshadows are lovely, they're not super bendable but they are quite pigmented and have a great shade range. 

A Hint of Bali Lip & Cheek Stain - £3.49 - This one is a dupe for the Benefit Bene Tint, which I wasn't a massive fan of, like the Bene Tint, this was quite hard to blend on the cheeks and ended up leaving a dark spot, it worked better on the lips but I don't love it. 

Hide N Seek Quad Colour Correcting Concealer Natural - £2.99 - I'm not sure what this is a dupe for although I'm sure there is one! This is one of my favourites from the range that I've tried, it comes with 4 shades, one for anti-redness, one for concealer, one for dark circles and a highlighter. I really like all the shades in this and I think having them tailored to different problem areas is great. They do crease a little after a long day but the coverage is lovely. 

Overall I think that W7 is a brand I would try again, I think that they're great if you're on a budget or if you're just starting out with makeup. I think the products would be better in their own right if they weren't trying so hard to replicate the packaging of high end products. Who knew Xtras Accessories had such a fab range of cosmetics?!

*PR Samples


  1. So - yep. I'll just take ALL of these off of your hands if you like!! :)
    Great pictures. xx



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