Travel | Paris Photo Diary | Part 2 | Disneyland

So for our second day in Paris, we went to Disneyland! You can read my post on Paris Day 1 here! I've always felt like one of those poor children whose parents never took them to Disneyland, I was by no means deprived but it made me want to visit as an adult even more! Eventually me and boyfriend spent a day there on our little city break to Paris! 

We got there at around 11am and went straight to the Walt Disney Studios Park. The first ride we went on was the Behind the Magic Studio Tour, which had props and special effects etc. We had a look around the park, the Toy Story play land which makes you feel like a toy with all the large decorations. Now is probably a good time to mention my boyfriend doesn't like rides...However I did manage to convince him to go on the Hollywood Tower of Terror, based on the Hollywood Tower Hotel from The Twilight Zone, although we queued for almost an hour, we both loved it (boyfriend came off a little shaky, but that's no surprise, he feels sick playing Rollercoaster Tycoon!) and I would definitely recommend it, so much fun! 

After that we went to the main Disneyland Park. The decorations for Spring are just gorgeous and just as we were walking in we caught Minnie's Little Spring Train going past which was so sweet and a great way to welcome us in! The park is totally breathtaking and is everything I hoped it would be and more! The attention to detail was amazing! We went straight to Fantasyland where we went on the Snow White ride and It's a Small World. We then took a break for lunch where I was super jealous of my boyfriends cheesy hotdog me just being stuck with fries (vegetarian problems) and just when we finished eating Goofy's Garden Party started up which we were lucky enough to catch! 

After lunch we roamed into Discoveryland where we went on the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, so much fun! Then we found a spot for the Disney Magic parade, we got a spot right at the front about 30 minutes before it started, it filled up quick! Needless to say it was amazing, so magical it made me feel about 10 years old! 

After that we walked up to Adventureland and went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was so good! I would recommend getting on one of the big rides straight after the parade as there was hardly a queue! It was our favourite of the day! I resisted putting in a photo of my boyfriend in a Captain Jack Sparrow hat, dreadlocks and all! We then walked into Frontierland where we had our dinner at Colonel Raifiki's I want to say? Definitely good value for money there if you want something quick and easy but still tasty! 

At about 7pm we decided to do some shopping, we browsed all the shops along Main Street USA then left the park to go to the big World of Disney store. After lots of damage to my purse and lots of carrier bags we walked bag into the park and found a spot to watch the Disney Dreams fireworks. We got there around an hour before it started and even then it was already quite full, we still managed a great spot though! Honestly it was one of the best things I've ever seen, my boyfriend thought the same, it was out of this world, amazing projections, water and fireworks, we were blown away! I would definitely recommend staying to watch them! 

Have you been to Disneyland? Stay tuned for Day 3 in Paris coming soon! 



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time, beautiful photos. I went to Disneyland Paris almost three years ago, and I'm going back in December, so this has got me all excited to go back! I didn't spot the Lion King flower display last time, I'm going to have to check it out this time. And I need to see the fireworks this time, I can't believe I completely forgot about them last time.

    1. Ooh I bet it's amazing at Christmas, I hope you have a fab time! Definitely stay for the fireworks, they were amazing! x

  2. Wow, you're pictures are gorgeous! I've been to Disney World in Florida and it was absolutely amazing. I'm planning on heading to Europe soon, and I think Disneyland Paris will definately be on the cards!

    1. Thanks lovely, I'd love to go to Disney World! x


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