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I thought I would do a round up/review of the most recent baking books in my collection. If you're a recurring reader of my blog, you'll know I love nothing more than baking, be sure to check out all my recipe posts! I have more baking books than anyone needs, but I still love building my collection, and here are the newest additions! 

The Great British Bake Off Christmas - This is a fab book full of festive bakes, but also full of things you could bake all year round! I've got a couple other Bake Off books and they feature recipes from Paul & Mary, also recipes from previous contestants. Favourite Recipe - 

The Primrose Bakery Celebrations - This is the second Primrose Bakery book I have, this one focuses on celebrations, birthdays etc. It also has themes for the celebrations, such as Mexican, along with recipes to fit the theme. It's a huge book, filled with gorgeous photos! Favourite Recipe - 

Stacie Bakes by Stacie Stewart - I've loved Stacie for ages, I love her mod style and her traditional style of baking. This one is filled with gorgeous treats that are super easy to make, it makes me forever jealous of her beehive! Favourite Recipe - 

Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect - Ah Mary, my favourite, the Queen of cakes! This book is enormous, it's like the bible, if you have the Mary Berry Cookery Course, it's the same layout, but this one has brand new recipes. As always with Mary, they're lovely and fail safe. Favourite Recipe - 

John Whaite Bakes at Home - I loved John when he was on the bake off and this book is lovely, although I did find that a lot of the recipes were quite complicated, I imagine it's from when he went to pastry school in France! Favourite Recipe - 

What are your favourite baking books?



  1. I love Mary Berry cook books, they're so easy to follow and it always tastes great!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

    1. I'm obsessed with Mary, she's the queen of baking! xx

  2. I actually need that Mary Berry book omg


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