BFC Mug Swap #2

This is my second Mug Swap and I will definitely be doing more! Kallie from But First Coffee organises the swap, where you fill out a form, choose whether you would like an international swap or not and then in a couple of weeks you get paired with a partner and get each others emails. You can read my post about my previous mug swap here

I wanted an international swap and was matched with Kasey from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA, check out her fab blog Kasey at the Bat. We chatted for a couple of weeks then sent away our parcels! A few days ago I was over the moon to receive mine which arrived safe and sound! 

I got a gorgeous mug with a beautiful pattern around the top, I also got some Ernest Hemingway Highland Select Tea which sounds gorgeous! As well as some Texas Turtle Coffee which sounds exactly up my street, caramel, chocolate and pecan, my absolute dream! 

I love these mug swaps and would definitely recommend signing up to the next one, I know I will! 


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