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If you read my blog, you'll probably know that I have an affinity for making sweet things in the kitchen! When Indigo Herbs got in touch and asked if I wanted to try one of their products, I jumped at the chance to try their Raw Chocolate Making Kit*. I'm not the biggest person for healthy eating...but I've always thought raw chocolate sounded really interesting and the chance to try making my own really appealed to me. 

The care package I was sent came with the Raw Chocolate Making Kit itself, a tote bag, a notebook and pen and a drinks bottle, which I thought was really sweet of them to include. As shown in the photos, the kit contained all the weighed out ingredients to make raw chocolate. There was the cacao butter, cacao powder, vanilla powder, agave syrup, goji berries and brazil nuts. 

As shown in the photos, the chocolates were super easy to make, the instruction book included was really easy to follow and honestly anyone could make them! The kit came with little petit four cases but I also used some chocolate moulds I had and they also turned out really well! They taste so delicious! Although they are very bitter so I would only recommend them to people who like dark chocolate. 

I think these are lovely for a relatively guilt free sweetness injection. I think the goji berries and brazil nuts go really well with them too. I'll post the instructions below from the website so you can see how easy they are to make! I'm really impressed with this kit, I also think it would make a lovely present. 


1. Choose a saucepan and heat resistant bowl. (Bowl balances over saucepan) Fill saucepan ½ full of water & bring to the boil. 

2. Chop Cacao Butter & put in bowl. Chop Brazil Nuts & Goji Berries. Remove saucepan from heat and set bowl of butter over it. Allow butter to melt, ensuring it is not heated and remains “raw”. 

3. When butter is liquid, first stir in Vanilla Powder. 

4. Next stir in Cacao Powder, keep stirring, lumps will dissolve. 

5. Then thoroughly stir in Agave Syrup. The Chocolate mixture will be smooth and silky at this stage. 

6. Lastly vigorously stir in Nuts & Fruit, until it is well coated. 

7. Spoon mixture carefully into chocolate mould, ice cube tray or Petit Four cases. Put straight into the freezer for 15 minutes to set. 

8. Remove from freezer & pop from tray/ mould. Enjoy with friends as a nutritious and healthy snack. Chocolates will stay fresh if sealed & refrigerated for 12 weeks. 

* PR Sample


  1. that's too cool! I always assumed making chocolates would be a lot more difficult than something you could create into a little kit!

  2. These sound absolutely delicious. I usually try to be healthy but chocolate is my real weakness so these sound perfect

    1. They're so nice and super easy, I'd definitely recommend the kit!

  3. This looks really interesting - I'm intrigues to hear how they taste like? x

    1. They're just like dark chocolate, quite bitter, so if you like dark chocolate I'd definitely recommend! :) x


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