Gold Crush Hair Nutrition Supplements

My hair is my comfort blanket, I don't think I could seriously consider getting it cut short ever, I'm always trying to grow it! Alicia from Gold Crush Hair* got in touch about trying their hair nutrition formula. Gold Crush Hair Nutrition Formula is an innovative complex vitamin that combines key nutrients to support optimal healthy hair and nail growth. Its unique blend of vitamins and minerals includes Selenium and Zinc along with complex B Vitamins such as Biotin, which feed and nourish your follicles helping to contribute towards healthy hair from the inside out. 

I was offered the chance to try 2 months worth of the formula and with that came a T-Shirt to monitor hair growth. The photo above is a before shot, I will do an update after the first month and a final post after another month. I'm aware of how hideous and un-straightened/split end central my hair looks in the photo, so I've remedied it with a nice recent photo of my hair! (Lazy girl problems)

I've tried supplements for healthy hair and nails etc before, but never stuck with them, I'm going to try my best to keep at this so I can see some results! I also think the growth rate top is a nice idea, so it will be easy to see if anything has changed. With vitamins results vary per person but it generally takes between 2-3 months to see results. Hair vitamins improve the health and maintain the growth rate of new growth, but cannot change the condition of your existing "dead" strands. 

Keep your eyes peeled for an update in the next month! Have you tried any hair/nail supplements?

*PR Sample

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