North East Visits | Valentine's Day at As You Like It Jesmond

This year for Valentine's Day me and my boyfriend wanted to try a new restaurant, we decided on As You Like It, in Jesmond, which we'd been wanting to try for ages. I love Valentine's Day, it started off with me waking up to some gorgeous roses and some really sweet small gifts from my boyfriend and my mam. I got my boyfriend a framed print of Lindisfarne castle and some photographs printed onto marshmallows (so cool, will definitely be doing a separate post on them!). 

We booked a table for 7pm and surprisingly it wasn't super busy, that night there was also only the Valentine's set menu to choose from, so I was a little disappointed. Also there was no price on the menu, which I thought was really annoying, too embarrassing to ask the price, I'm only a poor student, so I was a little worried about how much it was going to cost! Also when we asked for the cocktail menu they said they weren't serving cocktails upstairs, really weird, but that if we knew any they would make them? What is the point in that? My night did not get off to a good start. 

We started off the little appetisers, small pancakes with cream and caviar, my first try of it, it wasn't unpleasant, just fishy! We then both chose the Goat's Cheese starter, which came with bread, pesto and tomatoes, it was lovely and quite filling for a starter. 

For mains, my boyfriend went for the Beef Wellington which he really enjoyed and I went for the Halloumi  Skewers, served with a salad and pitta bread, I also thought this was very nice. The portion sizes were good. Finally we had the sharing dessert that came with dry ice, strange but fun! There was a lemon fool, sticky toffee cake, orange chocolate brownie and chocolate covered strawberries. We both thought this was delicious! 

Finally the moment of truth came and we asked for the bill, pleasantly to my surprise it was only £35 each, which for a night when they bump the prices up, I was willing to pay, although the food wasn't amazing. I will also add that they had the fastest service ever, although this sounds good, we literally had about 2 minutes in between courses, it was like they wanted to hurry us out. 

We eventually managed to get some cocktails from downstairs which were lovely and really inventive. I'm not sure if I would go back to As You Like It, maybe it would be better on a normal night! 



  1. It sounds as though you had a wonderful evening with your boyfriend and the Halloumi Skewers look so tasty! :) xxx

    1. They were lovely! Can't turn down halloumi haha! :) xxx

  2. Why wouldn't they put the price on the menu? Very strange. Still pleased you had a good night and it wasn't too expensive x

    1. Very strange! But was still lovely none the less! Thank you! :) x


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