Tips For A Valentine's Night In

I'm probably one of the few that actually likes Valentine's Day, me and my boyfriend normally go out for a nice meal and some cocktails. We give each other cards and some little gifts, this year is the same and we're going for a meal at As You Like It in Jesmond (review coming soon, I'm sure!). Although very commercialised I still like to use it as an excuse for good food and drinks, of course I show my love for my boyfriend the other 364 days of the year! 

Even though I'm going out, I love nothing more than a night in, so I thought I would do a post for some inspiration for those of you who are staying in! 

Bake some delicious treats - I'm obsessed with baking, so if you're staying in, why not make a cake! One of my favourite baking books is The Primrose Bakery Book. 

Light a yummy scented candle - I'm a self confessed candle addict, my favourite at the moment is the Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie, which smells gorgeous beyond words! 

Take a Lush bath - Oh Lush, you can do no wrong in my eyes, my pick for a Valentine's Day bath is the Unicorn Horn, it's the sweetest looking thing! 

Make a decadent hot chocolate - I love Whittard of Chelsea hot chocolates, I've been a fan of the Rocky Road flavour lately, obviously with a tonne of cream and marshmallows. 

Paint your nails - I've picked this gorgeous shade from Maybelline Colour Show in Rose Rosette. 

Watch a DVD - Obviously I had to pick Valentine's Day, it's a total feel good film, one of my favourites. 

Put on a face mask - At the minute I've been loving the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, it's super hydrating and you don't have to remove it! 

Read a book before bed - I like to read before I go to sleep, I just picked up The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force which I can't wait to read! 

What are your Valentine's Day plans?



  1. I'm going to relax after the work week. And then can choose to walk with a friend
    What makes you beautiful & bloglovin

  2. Me and my boyfriend are just staying in this year with a film and a bottle of wine. He's taken it upon himself to do the cooking which is lovely. I may have to suggest a bit of baking too after reading this. That pecan pie Yankee Candle sounds amazing too! x

    1. Aw that sounds lovely! Hope you had a nice day! :) x

  3. Nice! My boyfriend and I are staying in this year too! Everyone makes such a big deal about going on extravagant dates, but I think it can be just as intimate staying in. With candles and a Lush bath, you really can't go wrong! Lol! Great post :)

    XoXo Shea L. --------->


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