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Dry skin is the bane of my existence, so there's nothing I love more than getting in the shower and giving myself a good old scrub! (Sometimes in the bath too, although it does make you feel like you're sitting in sand...) Anyhow I thought I would do a round up of my faves for anyone in need of scrubbing away the dead skin! 

Lush - Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - £8.75 - This is a multi purpose scrub, although I haven't been brave enough to use it on my hair! The scrub is a fantastic blue shade and smells very salty and fresh, probably an acquired taste...It does the job and leaves your skin super soft. 

Soap & Glory - Sugar Crush Body Scrub - £8 - For bodycare Soap & Glory are one of my all time favourites, in a gift box I received for Christmas I got the Sugar Crush Body Scrub, which I had heard lots about already. It smells super sour and citrusy, it's not my favourite scent personally, but loads of people love it. It's a great texture for scrubbing and gets off all the dead skin. 

Soap & Glory - The Scrub of Your Life - £7 - This scrub has the classic Soap & Glory scent, it's so convenient for travelling since it's in a tube and not a pot. It leaves a lovely smell on the skin and leaves it feeling lovely. 

Soap & Glory - Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub - £8 - This has to be my number one favourite, I've mentioned it countless times, I'm so obsessed with it! It's maple scented (like smothering pancakes on yourself) and is made with bananas, almonds, honey and all that good stuff. I could honestly just eat this stuff! When you wash it off it turns milky and gorgeous, leaving your skin smelling and feeling amazing! 

The Body Shop - Chocomania Body Scrub - £13 - I can't find this one on the website, it was limited edition so I'm glad I stocked up, although I'm sure you could find it at an outlet store. I've banged on about the Chocomania scent for ages! It's like actual melted chocolate! This scrub looks and smells like crunchy chocolate spread, I had to try not to eat it! Again, it's fab at doing its job and smells out of this world! 

The Body Shop - Raspberry Body Scrub - £13 - Same case with this one, although it might just be out of stock! This looks and smells exactly like raspberry jam, I almost spread it on my toast! It feels lovely and makes my skin feel super soft! 

What are your favourite body scrubs?



  1. Great post. I LOVE the Lush Rub Rub Rub scrub and, (after quite some time) did pluck up the courage to use it in my hair; although I didn't notice much difference. That being said, this scrub is uhhhmazing and I always like to have a pot to hand. I recently purchased the Mother Superior bubble bar from Lush and this has the same scent as the scrub so if you're a fan, I definitely recommend it! xx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

    1. Oh really, I had being eyeing that up as it's so cute! Thanks for the recommendation, I'l have to try it! :) xx


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