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I'm such a massive lover of Durham, I think it's a lovely place to visit, recently me and my boyfriend went down for the day. I'd heard lots of people from down South talking about Bill's and the closest one to us was Durham (not sure it's been open very long), so we thought we would visit for lunch and boy are we glad we did. 

The restaurant is featured down the main cobbled street in Durham, next to Jack Wills etc and is a lovely little building. I thought the decor was lovely, modern with lots of rustic touches. The menu was gorgeous and after lots of umming and ahhing we finally decided what we wanted. 

For drinks we went for Pink Lemonade Vanilla Ice cream Floats which were to die for, although they did explode all over our table, so maybe the bartender shouldn't have filled them as much! 

We went straight in for mains, I chose the Mac & Cheese with Butternut Squash, Spinach, Mozzarella, Rocket and Pumpkin seeds. I thought this was super tasty, all the components worked really well together and the sauce was really creamy with plenty of cheese! My boyfriend went for the Piri Piri half chicken, served with Sweet Potato Fries, Peri Peri Mayonnaise and Coleslaw. He, and I quote said it was better than Nandos, I think that says it all really! 

The puddings were just as fabulous as the mains, I went for the Warm Pecan Pie with Malted Banana Ice Cream. I can't even describe how nice this was, I love pecan pie anyway and it was gorgeous warm. The malted banana ice cream had such a different taste and I could've eaten a whole tub of it! My boyfriend went for the Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts with Fresh Strawberries and Chocolate Dipping sauce. I tried a bite of these and they're just as good as they sound, they were crunchy and fluffy with a gorgeous cinnamon taste, the sauce was dreamy! 

If you find yourself in Durham and want somewhere delicious and reasonably priced, I would highly recommend visiting Bill's, I can definitely see what all the fuss was about! 



  1. I love Bills, when I lived in London I was there all the time for weekend brunch :) I've been waiting for ages for one to open in the North East.

    We visited last weekend and my review is up on the blog on Wednesday so keep an eye out - I had the same main as you!

    So glad you enjoyed it!

    Chloe x

    1. I can't wait to go back! I saw your post earlier, all the food looks so nice and that milkshake looks amazing! x

  2. I live in Durham and have been wanting to try Bills since it opened; it hasn't been open that long. Those pink lemonades look lovely xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

    1. I would definitely recommend it, I can't wait to go back! xx

  3. Ooh I had no idea there was a Bill's in Durham, such a nice place for a cute day out too. The food sounds delish, may have to make a day trip myself x

    What Rachael Wrote

    1. It was so nice! I'd definitely recommend giving it a try! x

  4. My boyfriend is from Durham, I think next time we're up there I'm going to visit as your food looks delicious. Warm Pecan Pie sounds to die for, and the mac & cheese has so many lovely extras that I've never heard of!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens


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