Book Review | Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr

Last week I picked up the much anticipated Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr. I managed to get through it in just a couple of days so I thought I would write a post on my thoughts on the book. 

I'll start off my saying that I really like Tanya, I watch her a lot on YouTube and I was quite excited to pick this up. The book itself is lovely, a great finish with a clear layout and some really lovely photos (even if the cover is suspiciously similar to others...). The book itself is split into 12 parts, Growing Up Part 1 & 2, Skincare Essentials, Make-Up Essentials, Hair & Nail Essentials, Fashion, Love, Life, Baking & Recipes, Confidence & Happiness, YouTube & Looking Forwards. 

I really enjoyed the more autobiographical parts of this book, I thought the Growing Up, Love, Life, YouTube & Looking Forward sections were particularly interesting. I found the way Tanya described her life was really lovely and her words were full of personality. 

I didn't feel the same way about the Skincare & Makeup sections. I thought that the way they were written felt quite patronising. I understand that the book is probably aimed at a younger audience than myself (I'm 21) so I can understand that the way things are explained seems a little patronising. However what I thought was confusing was that although clearly aimed at teenagers Tanya was recommending products with a high price tag (Sunday Riley/Kiehl's/Emma Hardie), which I thought was strange. 

I thought that the Baking & Recipes section was just ok. I bake quite a lot and if I wasn't a regular baker I think I would have enjoyed it more as the recipes were very basic. Again good for younger readers. I found the same with the Hair, Nail & Fashion sections, just ok. I did enjoy some parts of the Confidence & Happiness section, although I did think it was just filling pages. 

Overall I enjoyed the majority of this book, I think the book itself, layout and photos are all gorgeous and I loved reading all the autobiographical sections, I think I would have liked this more if I was younger, although if you're a fan of Tanya I would recommend picking it up! 



  1. Oooh I've been waiting to read reviews on this. I like Tanya and I like that she was honest about having help with her book also.

    I had a quick flick through it in Tesco the other day and it looks really nice and the photos are stunning.

    From your review it sounds like it's aimed at people younger than us (I'm 22) and like you, I bake quite a lot so I don't think I would get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it.

    1. It is a really gorgeous book, glad I bought it, although the target audience is definitely younger! :) x

  2. Even though I am WAY too old to read this book, I am very very curious about it and kinda want to pick up a copy. Tania comes from Norwich which is my hometown and where I lived until I was in my 20s so I'm intrigued to hear her story from the early years!

    Chloe x

    1. Ah really! She mentions Norwich quite a lot, I think she has a lot of fond memories, it sounds lovely! :) x

  3. I have the book in local import bookstore but have not decided to buy until I read your review. I wonder why the cover look like Gayle Foreman Novel series ?
    Love your blog, hope to see you soon on my blog



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