Christmas Yankee Candle Haul

The festive season is finally upon us and is by far my favourite time of the year. So of course I celebrated this fact with a Christmas Yankee Candle haul. Before I start, my candle taste probably isn't for anyone, put it this way, I don't own a Yankee Candle that isn't festive or food & spices. Anyway, I picked up these candles from Boundary Mill, I know there are a few of these around the country. I was so lucky that on the day I went, they had just put out hundreds of reduced Yankee Candles, this small jar was only £2.50! Totally amazing bargain, so if you live near a Boundary Mill, keep your eyes peeled! As always with Yankee Candles, the scent payout is amazing and the burning time is great too.

The first scent I picked up was Merry Marshmallow, it's a gorgeous fresh scent with a hint of sweetness, probably the least sickly of my picks. It honestly smells just like marshmallow, that's the best way to describe it! 

Next I went for Snowflake Cookie, this one smells like a lot of the other cakey/biscuity scents they do. Super sweet, but not overpowering, still fresh but like a batch of sugar cookies has just come out of the oven! 

Then I chose North Pole, this one is a must for mint lovers. It has an amazing peppermint scent, just like a candy cane. Super fresh but still really festive. I think this one will appeal to a lot of people. 

Next up is Gingerbread, probably the most sickly. If you don't like gingerbread, you won't like this one at all. The scent is super strong, fills the room, really spicy, would be amazing burning this one on Christmas Eve, so festive! 

Finally is Peppermint Bark. I can't rave enough about this one, bark is a really American thing but it's just big slabs of chocolate, this type has broken up peppermint candy cane in it and that is exactly what it smells like! Honestly burning this smells like you've just melted mint white chocolate right next to you, it's totally gorgeous without being sickly. 

What are your favourite festive Yankee Candles?

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  1. snowflake cookie is my absolute fave! I always stock up when they arrive at christmas time!


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