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Surprise surprise I'm back with another handmade beauty post. Janet from Luna Levitas kindly sent me some of her gorgeous products to try. As you can probably tell from the design, the brand specialize in enchanted organic lotions and potions. Containing ancient herbal ingredients and healing energies, these handcrafted products from a home apothecary are beautifully unique. I am obsessed with the gorgeous packaging, the lovely typography and the little charms attached are all so well thought out. The products are all natural and organic, fresh and made to order, as well as being eco-friendly, even the packaging! I think the whole idea of the brand is wonderfully magical, mystical and charming. 

I'll give you a little run down of all the products, firstly the Goddess Body Butter. Made from shea butter, cocoa butter and lots of natural essential oils, the benefits of this body butter include stress relief as well as treating conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. I thought the consistency was lovely, sunk into my skin well, I used it on dry areas of my skin which helped nourish them.  

Onto the Elfin Dream Face Cream, made with similar natural ingredients, this face cream is fab for dry skin, which I get in patches on my face. The cream is really rich but did not take too long to soak into my skin. The scent was nice and the formula really creamy, I found this helped with moisturizing my dry areas. 

Next the Fairy Spell Bath Milk. Ingredients include organic powdered milk, oils, oatmeal and jasmine, lavender and calendula flowers. Use 1-2 teaspoons of milk, which detoxes, soothes and hydrates. Using this in the bath made my skin so soft, the aroma was gorgeous and the dried flowers looked lovely. 

Finally the Hedge Witch Bath Tea. Drop this into your bath and let it work its magic! With ingredients such as green tea, ginger root, oatmeal and essential oils, this makes your bath smell and feel amazing! I was so impressed with all of these products, I think they would also make lovely gifts! I would definitely recommend checking out Luna Levitas



  1. These are gorgeous! They would make such good presents for mums :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. These all sound lovely! Really like handmade natural products and these sound like they would smell wonderful too :) xx

    Brenda |


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