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It's true, I'm a soap hoarder, I love all kinds of soaps, especially handmade soaps. The soaps from Deptford Soapmakers Co-op are definitely feeding my obsession.I loved the packaging, I thought the logo was really well designed and the information on the side was great. I tried some gorgeous soaps, all of which are vegan. They are made from natural vegan oils, as well as other fabulous natural eye quality ingredients. I tried Coffee Scrub, which is beautifully creamy, made with coffee and oats. The soap exfoliated my skin leaving it really soft and gave off a lovely spicy fragrance. 

Then I tried Bergamot Pop, scented with bergamot, rose and jasmine essential oils. Poppyseeds are also included to exfoliate the skin. The aroma was gorgeous and the soap lathered up really well, leaving my skin smelling and feeling lovely! 

Next I tried Lemongrass and Love. The lemongrass scent is beautiful, super citrusy and zingy but creamy at the same time. Lemongrass has a calming effect that relieves stress and insomnia. The soap left an amazing scent on my skin. Perfect to use in the bath before bed!

Finally I tried the Rise and Shine Rose. Scented with rose and bergamot this soap was really creamy and moisturizing. The soap was also infused with rose and calendula petals which I thought looked lovely. I was so pleased with these soaps, if you're a soap hoarder like me, or just love handmade soaps, I would definitely recommend checking out Deptford Soapmakers Co-op!


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