My Top Picks | Soap & Glory Mini's

Who doesn't love things in miniature? Fab for travelling and in my opinion Soap & Glory do some of the best mini's! I thought I would so a post on some of my faves! For shower products, I love Clean on Me and Foam-Call. Both smell amazing, as all Soap & Glory do, I find that they lather up really well and are nice and moisturizing. 

For body scrubs I've picked The Scrub of Your Life, Flake Away and Pulp Friction, again they all smell out of this world! They exfoliate really well without being too abrasive. They remove all the dead skin really well and leave it super soft.  

Onto hair I really love Hair Supply, which is a really nourishing hair mask, I think this is brill for taking it away on holiday when your hair needs a lot of moisture. The smell and consistency are lovely and it leaves your hair so soft! 

Finally for body butters, I've picked The Righteous Butter and Butter Yourself, I'm obsessed with the smell of these, the size is so handy, again when your need that moisture on holiday! It makes your skin so soft and smelling amazing!

Finally onto hand cream, I don't get dry hands, which is a surprise since I get dry skin in most places! But I still like to put it on to keep them looking young and feeling soft. I've picked Hand Food and Endless Glove. They smell lovely, soak in really quickly and leave my hands nice and soft. 

What are your favourite Soap & Glory Mini's?



  1. I've always wanted to try them, too bad they are not available where I live..
    Thanks for the great review!

    Z ♥

    1. Thanks lovely, aw that's too bad, if you ever want to do a beauty swap, drop me an email!


  2. I love Soap & Glory! The names are always so clever, but the products are very effective and smell nice. :o)


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