Review | GOOSE Handmade Nail Polishes

Recently I was kindly sent some handmade nail polishes from Alex over at GOOSE. Handmade nail polishes is a totally new thing to me, to be honest I didn't even know people made them! But I'm really glad they do! The polish is mixed in the UK and is totally cruelty free, they are mixed with a range of pigments, micas and solvent resistant glitters. 

When the polishes arrived I loved how professional looking they were, they labelling was beautifully designed, as was the gorgeous business card that came with them. I picked shades all from the new collection to try. I went for M which is a green taupe shade, Audrey which is a purple shade with subtle glitter and Keys which is a brownish black with multi coloured sparkes. I found that will all the polishes the brushes glided over the nails. As with most polishes they took a good three coats however these polishes were very quick drying! I think all the formulas are great, the colours work great as nail polishes and are complemented well by the sparkles. 

If you love your nail polishes I would highly recommend checking out GOOSE. Gorgeous shades, fab quality that could definitely be sold on the high street! 



  1. These look really pretty and love that they are quick drying! The bottles and labelling looks very similar to Ciate nail polishes :) xx

    Brenda |

    1. They totally remind me of the Ciate bottles, so cute! xx

  2. I thought they were Ciate polishes at first glance. I had no idea you could make handmade nail polishes, these look lovely I really like the purple and the black shades. So sparkly!

    Rosie |


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