Purple Ambition?

Blonde Ambition, Purple Ambition, see what I did there...Anyway I decided I wanted a change and took the plunge and dyed my hair purple. I used the Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Colour Cream in the shade Lavender. I've used Crazy Color before in the shade Candyfloss and was really impressed with it, so I thought I would give purple a go. The bottles are £4 and at a push you would probably get two lots of dye out of it. I have quite long hair and it covered my hair in a little more than half the bottle, so someone with short hair would definitely get two maybe three lots. I think that you will probably get about 5-6 washes before the colour completely goes, and even when it does start to wash out, it's a nice pastel shade. I'm super pleased with this, it's great when you want a change for a few weeks!

Have you tried Crazy Color?



  1. love your new hair color .
    i havent tried out crazy colors yet because they have a limited selections of colors so i always stick to La Riche Directions cause they have more colors for me to choose from .


    1. Thanks lovely! Ooh I'll have to check them out! xx

  2. You can totally pull this color off!


  3. I've never heard of crazy colour before, may have to try get my hands on some! Looks lovely :)


  4. This colour suits you so much!
    I have loads of these dyes because the hair salon where my friend worked closed down so she was allowed to take loads of stuff, so she got literally hundreds of these hair dyes and she let me have a little browse through her collection, I still have quite a few as well.
    I love them because like you said, they're great if you want a little change for a few weeks :)!
    Wish my hair was light enough for crazy colours still :(


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