Degustabox Unboxing

I noticed a few weeks ago that Degustabox were offering their box for half price, I had been eyeing these up for a while but I wasn't sure it would be worth £12.99, so when it was only £6.95 (I think) I decided to give it a test run! 

The box arrived safe and sound, it was wrapped up well. I also really liked the design of the inside of the box. I liked that it was wrapped up and sealed, it felt like Christmas when I was opening it up! All the products were in good condition, I read someones post that said one of their items was torn open, so luckily nothing like that happened to me. 

Now onto the contents of the box - 

Garofalo Pasta - £1.89 - I love my pasta and I thought this looked nice, a bit fancier than the pasta I normally buy so it will be good to give this a try. 

Cawston Cloudy Apple - £1.00 - This sounds great, I really like apple juice and this is made with sparkling water. It's supposed to be 'refreshingly crisp' I'm sure it will be, I also really like the design on the can.

Taylor of Harrogate Blackberry & Elderflower Tea - £2.99 - I'm a total tea addict and I've never tried Taylor of Harrogate or Blackberry & Elderflower tea but I do like fruity teas so I'm sure this will be nice.

Raw Chewing Gum - £0.99 each - There were two of these in the box, I'm not a massive chewing gum person, but this one is supposed to give you energy? Not sure how! 

Cirio Passata - £1.35 - Puree - £1.10 - I think these look nice, I'm sure they'll be lovely in pasta dishes, not sure why both of these products needed to be included in the box?

Hornsby's Crisp Apple Cider and Strawberry & Lime Cider - £1.25 each - I think these look great, I've never heard of the brand before but the packaging is really nice, it's supposed to be classic American. I love cider so I'm sure I'll like these. 

Kettle Sweet Potato Sweet Chilli Chips - £2.49 - I love Kettle crisps, they're a total guilty pleasure, I've never had the sweet potato ones but I love sweet potato so these should be really nice, I love sweet chilli!

Lizi's Granola - £1.29 - I think this granola is a great idea for eating on the go, the packaging doubles as a bowl and comes with a spoon. You only have to add water, there is lactose free powder in the package which makes the granola nice and creamy. 

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Flutes - £2.59 -  These sound delicious, I'm love a bit of chocolate, especially fancy chocolate and these look so nice! They are batons with a variety of filling and crunchy cocoa nibs. 

Dr. Oetker Cake Release Spray - £2.28 - I'm a self confessed baking addict so I cant wait to try this out, not going to lie I'm a little bit scared of using this. I hate my cakes sticking, I'll still be using grease proof paper with this! 

To be honest, I wasn't blown away by this box, maybe because they were half price, the contents weren't so good? Compared to the last couple of months, this one is no where near as good. But hey ho, I can't complain for £6!



  1. What a unusual product, I have never heard of this before, but I love a surprise !! But only if it was on offer i think xx

    1. It's quite good, wouldn't pay full price though!



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