Coronation Street The Tour

Yesterday me and my boyfriend travelled down to Manchester to go on the Coronation Street Tour. I love Corrie and I was really excited, it definitely lived up to the expectations, if you're planning on going and don't want any spoilers then don't read on! 

Firstly we arrived at the studios where you are told to wait around until your time is called, this area has toilets and a snack bar. We were then given 'backstage passes', we were taken around the inside part of the tour, where unfortunately you can't take photographs. We were shown the green room and dressing rooms. We then watched a short film and moved onto the sets, including Carlas flat, Underworld and Gails house. 

We were taken inside the Rovers where you can have your photo taken behind the bar to purchase later (£7.50 for 1 or 2 for £10). We were shown some iconic costumes in the costume department, like Roys cardie! We saw set pieces like Deirdres glasses and Hayleys coffin. This lasted around 50 minutes and then we were out on the street where you can take as many photographs as you like. 

The outdoor part was great! So weird seeing all the houses and shops up close when you know them so well from TV! It's surprising how small everything is, the cobbles are quite narrow, as are the houses. The new set has been made larger by 30%. We were lucky to go on a really sunny day which made the experience a lot nicer. 

The tour groups are around 20 people, not sure if they differ on weekends, I think this is a great size as you can see everything with ease and don't need to push your way in to see everything. This also means that you can have your photo taken with everything without having to wait around for your turn. 

I really enjoyed the Coronation Street tour as did my boyfriend. I would definitely recommend Corrie fans to visit, it's only open until October so I would get booking! It's so surreal when you're there I can't explain it. It's so interesting and it's like you're taking a trip through time! 

Have you been to Coronation Street The Tour?



  1. Looks so cool! Not sure I'd be able to go to all the way to Manchester just to go there though! Glad you enjoyed :)
    Cup of Loveliness

    1. Thanks lovely! Was such a cool experience!



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