Travel Photo Diary | A Few Days in Kielder

Last week I surprised my boyfriend with a 3 night stay in Kielder and tickets to the Kielder Observatory for his 21st birthday, I won't babble on too much since there's loads of photos! We stayed in a place called Falstone Barns which was gorgeous! Kielder is a beautiful place, so much to do and we had an amazing time! Check below for my recommendations!

Some places I would recommend visiting are - Leaplish Waterside Park (do the ferry tour!), Kielder Observatory (a must, so interesting!), Bellingham (visit Carriages Tea Rooms), Kielder Castle, great views from the Kielder Viaduct, Falstone (where we stayed) and The Stell sculpture. 

If you have any questions about Kielder or our trip, please feel free to ask! 


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