Pooch Post #3 | Top Collar

Sophie from Top Collar was kind enough to send my pooch Barry a box of treats to sample! As I've said before I really love handmade, natural dog treats, I think it's so important to know what you're feeding your dog! My Barry tried the Sunday Roast flavoured treats, Top Collar do a variety of unique flavours, including Rice and Beans, Chicken Tagine, Full English, Cheese and Biscuits, Pork Pie, Salmon and Egg and Apple Porridge.  

I thought the box that the treats arrived in looked great! The presentation was gorgeous, the branding and logos looked brilliant, really beautifully designed! You could tell a lot of thought had gone into the packaging and branding which I loved, visual elements are just as important as the product itself! 

The treats that my Barry tried were the Sunday Roast flavour, the ingredients are chicken, carrots, parsnip, sweet potato, self raising flour, margarine, milk and eggs. I think this is such a unique flavour idea, which is very appealing. I love all the natural ingredients. The treats themselves looked great, I love that you can tell they're handmade. Barry loved the treats, he had no problem wolfing them down! 

Overall I thought these treats were lovely, really well made with natural ingredients. The presentation of the treats looked great and most importantly my pooch loved the taste of them! If you want to spoil your cat or dog I would highly recommend visiting Top Collar, for lots of lovely products! 


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