Pooch Post #2 | Tux Treats

Karen from Tux Treats was kind enough to send me some of her handmade dog treats for me to try out on my pooch Barry! If some of you have seen my previous posts you'll know my Barry is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is my little piglet! I love finding handmade dog treats, they're so much more interesting than off the shelf treats. 

The treats that my Barry sampled were the beef, chicken and lamb flavours. The treats looked great, the packaging was really nice and simple. The treats themselves looked really natural which I loved! The treats are made from flour, bran, egg, vegetable oil, apple sauce, molasses and then either chicken, beef or lamb stock. I thought all the ingredients sounded great, not like some of the mass produced treats that you don't have a clue what's in them! 

Barry absolutely loved the taste of all of these treats! He had no problem wolfing them down! 

Overall I was really pleased with these treats! Barry loved them and that's the main thing! I love the natural handmade element to these treats, I think knowing what you're feeding your dog is so important! Tux Treats also do cat and horse treats, so if you want to pamper your pet, I would highly recommend taking a look! 


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