Weekly Reads #1

I've been really bad so far this year and hardly read any books (do cake books count?). Anyway here are a couple that I have been having a gander of this week. Also featuring my Lionel Richie mug (Hello is it tea you're looking for?), I saw these everywhere and couldn't believe I found one in Primark, wasn't expensive either!

 Firstly I will start with Alexa Chung It, here for £12.79. I got this book for Christmas and have skimmed through it a few times, but I dug it out again this week. It's definitely one of those books that you can look at again and again. I love everything about this book, the cover, the photography, the drawings. It's just a really cool book. I would definitely recommend it! 

Next I have Kendra Wilkinson's autobiography Sliding into Home, here for £7.99. I feel like a lot of people in the UK don't know who Kendra is, I always used to watch The Girls Next Door on E!, it was about the Playboy mansion and Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends, just a reality show. I loved it and when it finished a couple of the girlfriends did their own reality shows. I loved watching Kendra, I just re-watched them and decided to buy her book, I've just started it and so far it seems really good! 

What books are you reading at the minute? 


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  1. I really want to get Alexa Chungs 'It' but i hadn't heard enough about it. I may just do it now! Awesome post! :)

    Heather x



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