Primark Haul

Me and my boyfriend are going to Amsterdam next week, so I popped into Primark the other day to pick up some pieces to wear. First I bought some sunglasses, I can never resist Primark sunglasses, they're not the nest quality but they're so cheap! I picked up two wayfarer style pairs, one with black across the top and one with a pastel peachy, purple ombre colour. They were both only £2 and came with they're own cases! I picked up two pairs of frilly socks, I wanted these to wear with my black cut out boots. They were both only £2 each too. I also got a little hand mirror which is pastel pink with white polka dots. I also got a mini deodorant, they were both £1 each. 

Then I bought two patterned, mid length sleeve skater style dresses. I really like these dresses, I couldn't believe they were only £5 each! They're a reasonable quality and fit really nicely. The had lots of other patterns but I decided to go for these two. 

I am always looking for tops to wear with jeans, Primark has absolutely loads to choose from so I will probably go back and get more but I chose these two for the minute. I love the colour of this Ramones top! I then picked up a baseball style top with a Pepsi design on the front. I think these were both £6. 

Since we're only taking hand luggage on the plane to Amsterdam I wanted to get a new little suitcase to take with me. I absolutely fell in love with this one when I saw it. It's a lovely leather style feel material, with a quilted pattern on the front. It's also got a cream bow on the front with cream handles. It was only £25 and I love it! Then I picked up a light white jacket which I think is perfect for Spring/Summer. It's a great style and fit with a zip and zip pockets. It's got a nice crocodile style print and it was only £15. 

I'm really lacking in day dresses so I picked up these two. The one on the left is a flowered shift dress, it's actually really long on me since I'm really short, so my mam is taking it up a bit. I really love the pattern, really nice colours! It was £12. Then on the right I picked up another shift style dress with a black and white gingham print. I love this dress, it's a really nice fit and the pattern is very flattering, it was £13 I think!

Last but not least I picked up two more tops. On the left I got this sheer pink sleeveless blouse. It has an elasticated bottom with a black collar and black polka dots. I'm always desperate for going out tops so I really liked this. Then on the right I picked up a white and sheer mesh top with the parental advisory slogan across the front. I really like this top, especially the mesh panels. I think they were both £7. 

I hope you enjoyed my Primark haul, have you picked up anything nice from Primark recently? 



  1. I love your blog and think you deserve an award! That's why I nominated you for the Very inspiring blogger award! Check out my blogpost for more information!

  2. Lovely haul x Have fun in Amsterdam!


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