Pooch Post #1 | Toby & Millie's Doggie Bakery

Louise from Toby & Millie's Doggie Bakery was kind enough to send me some delicious dog treats for my pooch to try! My little dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and we rescued him almost a year and a half ago, after being in a shelter for more than two years, he's called Barry! He's absolutely precious and wouldn't hurt a fly, can't stand some peoples preconceived beliefs on Staffies! 

He was lucky enough to try Toby & Millie's Jerky Jumble! 




I absolutely loved how the treats were packaged! They came in a brown paper bag, with a window to see the jerky. I thought this looked great! Looked really natural and emphasized the product. The branding of the product is great, I love the logo, I think it looks really eye catching and fun! 

Now obviously I can't tell you how the Jerky Jumble tasted, but my Barry absolutely loved it! 

'A hearty mixture of real meat jerky. Grain and gluten free. We dehydrate our meat slowly to preserve the nutritional value and for a wonderful chewy texture that dogs love. Perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies who rely on a simple diet. These treats make a great addition to a raw diet.'

I really love handmade natural dog treats, so much more interesting than the run of the mill mass produced treats you find everywhere. I think this product looked great and according to my dog tasted great which is the most important thing! If you want to buy some lovely products for your pampered pooch I would definitely recommend taking a look at Toby & Millie's Doggie Bakery! 


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