My Haircare Routine

I've finally gotten around to doing a post on my haircare routine. As I've mentioned before, having bleach blonde hair when you're a natural brunette obviously takes a lot of maintenance, so my routine is a little extensive. I switch up products I use on my hair quite a lot, but these are the ones I am using at the minute. 

Firstly I use Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo - £5.99 here at Boots. I have been a fan of Aussie products for as long as I have been dying my hair. Out of the extensive range they have I normally use the Miracle Moist shampoo + conditioner. This is because my hair dries out so easily, so it really needs as much moisture as it can get! I really love Aussie products, they always make my hair so soft and smell amazing! 

After I've shampoo'd my hair, once a week I will use my Lee Stafford Repair Hair Treatment. I'm relatively new to Lee Stafford products, but I always hear good things so I decided to give them a go. When I use this I will leave it on for a good 3 hours and cover my hair with cling film. I really love this hair treatment. My hair breaks really easily so the treatment to build, fix and repair my hair is a real necessity. It makes my hair feel so soft and is definitely worth the money!

Once I've rinsed off my hair treatment I move on to the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner, £5.99 here at Boots. As I said above I really love these products, this conditioner makes my hair really soft and smells great! 

After I have towel dried my hair I use Avon Advanced Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue Leave In Treatment. My hair at the moment isn't particularly damaged but having to dye it so often it really needs a lot of repairing. I just use a little bit of this product and run it through the lengths and ends of my hair. 

Before brushing I use Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner. I can't rate this product highly enough. It lasts absolutely ages! I spray my hair thoroughly with this, not only is this product great for weak hair it is an amazing de-tangler. Having long hair needs a lot of de-tangling, this product makes the brush go through your hair without a snag. If your hair is prone to tangling I would definitely recommend this!

After brushing I then use the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil For Coloured Hair, £9.99 here at Boots. I use two pumps of this in the palm of my hands and run it through then lengths and ends of my hair. I really really love this product. It works so well, I have definitely noticed my hair being shiner and softer after use. It lasts ages so is definitely worth the price. It smells absolutely amazing too, like you've just come out the salon. 

At the moment I am trying not to use heat at all on my hair. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry this can't be avoided, so if I am blow drying my hair I will use Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray. This spray was only £1 at Home Bargains! So you can't complain about the price. I think this spray does it's job well, you get what you pay for!

Thanks for reading about my haircare routine, I would love to know about yours!       


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