Haircare Favourite of the Week | Martin Rabian Cosmetics | Dead Sea Mud Hair Mask

It's no secret that mud from the Dead Sea works miracles in all kinds of beauty products. However I do tend to question the authenticity of the 'Dead Sea' mud products sometimes. This product however is not the case. Martin from Martin Rabian Cosmetics was kind enough send me his Intensive Hydrating Hair Mask to review. This product was sent to me all the way from Israel so I know it's the real deal! 

The mask contains carrot oil, liquid keratin, dead sea mud and natural vitamins and minerals. I probably mention it enough but having bleached hair when you're so naturally brunette takes a lot of maintenance! So I am always up to try a new hair product that will make my hair smoother, softer and nourished. After shampooing apply a generous amount to damp hair, wait a few minutes and rise well. 

The consistency of the mask was really runny, if you have used Lush's Marilyn Hair Treatment it's just like that! So it was quite difficult to put on. Quite hard to scoop in into your hands with out it dripping off, you have to pretty much throw it onto your hair! 

I have used this mask 4 times in the past 2 weeks and it seems to be working really well. After use my hair definitely feels softer and looks shinier. My hair feels more nourished and not straw like which it can sometimes feel. The smell is a bit strange but not at all unpleasant, very natural. I think some people might be put off by the look of it, however I think that it looks lovely and organic. 

Overall I am very pleased with this hair mask! If your hair needs a little TLC I would definitely recommend Martin Rabian Cosmetics


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