What's In My Bag?

I'm such a nosy person, I love seeing what's in other peoples bags, so I thought I would do one of my own! My bag is from Primark, I bought it a few months ago, not sure if it's still in there.

 My purse is from River Island, I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago from my boyfriends mam. I am obsessed with all River Island bags and purses, I think it's about time I got a new bag! 

I've got a cute notebook that I love, that I got from my mam last Christmas, it came with a few others, all with cute little patterns on.

 My iPhone obviously because it's glued to my hand most of the time. 

I have my car keys, my boyfriend always tells me I have too many keyrings on there but I don't care! My favourite keyrings are my Lego Yoda I bought from the Lego shop in Manchester last year and my Pacha cherries I bought from Pacha Ibiza when me and my boyfriend were on holiday there in 2012.

 I also have my lip balm in there, my lips are so bad for getting chapped, this one is a Coca-Cola flavoured one my mam got me for Christmas.

 Then I have my Mike Wazowski USB stick that I bought from Amazon, I absolutely love this USB, I hate how boring they normally are. He's my favourite character so when I saw it I had to get it! I think it was only £3.99 which for 8GB is really good!  

Finally I have my Vue money tickets for the cinema, my boyfriends mam gets them from work, so much cheaper than buying regular tickets! 



  1. Great post, I love finding out what everyone else carries in their hand bags! And I've just got the iPhone recently, absolutely love it - mines glued to my hands too!
    I'm holding a MAC giveaway on my blog, would love for you to enter - http://danielascribbles.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/giveaway-mac-200-bloglovin-subscribers.html
    Daniela xo

    1. I'm so nosy haha, I honestly couldn't be without my iPhone!


  2. Love reading posts like this, i'm so nosey! Haha. I have my iPhone constantly stuck to my hand too, and would be lost without a lip balm in my bag xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  3. Cute notebooks are amazing! That's an original USB stick by the way. I love your bag as well xx



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