Foodie Post #5 | Rock Bakehouse | Raspberry & Almond Cake Mix

The lovely Nathalie from Rock Bakehouse was kind enough to send me one of her gorgeous cake mixes to try! She sent me the Raspberry & Almond cake mix which I thought looked so delicious! I was in a baking mood today (I'm in a baking mood most days!) so I decided to use the cake mix and write my review!

Firstly I absolutely love the packaging of the cake mix, I thought the layout and design were great! Inside was the cake mix and a packet of flaked almonds to sprinkle over the cake. All that you needed to add was butter and eggs. The recipe and method was featured on the back of the packet. The recipe is to make one large cake or cupcake, I used two tins since I didn't have one deep one. The mix was great, had lots of raspberries in it and was really easy to combine with the eggs and the butter. 

While the cake was in the oven, the smell was amazing! The cakes turned out of the tins really easily from their tins. I sandwiched the two cakes together with some raspberry jam and sprinkled some icing sugar on the top. The cake tasted absolutely gorgeous, had a lovely almondy taste with plenty of flavour from the raspberries. The flaked almonds on top added a great texture element.

Overall I was so pleased with the cake mix and how my cake turned out. It was so easy to make and the results were great. The caked looked, smelled and tasted amazing! I definitely recommend taking a look at Rock Bakehouse for other lovely products! 

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