Foodie Post #3 | Cake Away | Box of Goodies!

Tanya & Nigel from Cake Away were kind enough to send me some of their amazing goodies to try! I was over the moon when I received this box! The items I sampled were, Cappuccino Heart, Homemade Biscuit, Shortbread Biscuit Matchstick, Toffee Nest and Almond Heart. Both me and my boyfriend shared these products, we both thought they looked great and couldn't wait to try them! I absolutely loved all the wrapping on the products, they all looked so lovely with lots of attention to detail!

Firstly we tried the Cappuccino Heart, I love how this product looks, so unique and it looked really delicious! The coffee sponge inside was lovely, really moist! The layer of chocolate around the sponge was great, gave the cake a nice texture. The white chocolate ganache was also really nice, this product had a great flavour and a variety of lovely textures!

Next we tried the Homemade Biscuit. I really loved this biscuit, I thought that you could tell it was homemade which was great. It really reminded me of biscuits my nana used to make. The taste was old fashioned and the design was really unique and modern! 

We then tried the Shortbread Biscuit Matchstick. We both loved this product, we thought it had a great novelty value and would be a great Valentines Day gift. I loved the little box it came in, I though this product was a great idea, really innovative! The biscuit itself was lovely, tasted great! 

Next we sampled the Toffee Nest, I really liked the packaging again (even if toffee was spelled wrong ha!). I love the look of this products, looks so interesting and delicious! The toffee sponge in the middle was gorgeous, really nice and moist with a lovely flavour. The milk chocolate glaze was great, gave the cake a great added flavour element. The three white chocolate eggs on top were filled with a toffee sauce which was lovely, really rich! 

Then my boyfriend tried the Almond Heart since I don't like almonds! But my boyfriend really liked this cake! The product looks great, really colourful with a unique design, I really liked the chocolate heart on top. There was a really moist almond sponge, which tasted lovely. The cake itself was covered with a pink lemon fondant, which was great, added a lovely flavour and texture element. 

Overall I was very impressed with the variety of products I tried from Cake Away! All the products looked amazing, tasted lovely and you could tell they were made with love. A lot of attention to detail went into the packaging and the product themselves! 

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