Homesense Mini Haul

While me and my boyfriend were in Manchester we found some time to have a browse around the shops. We came across a shop called Homsense which is the sister shop to TK Maxx. We don't have a Homesense in Newcastle but I'm pretty sure some of the Homsense stuff is sold in the TK Maxx's we have. Anyway we thought the stuff in here looked really different so we had a look around. 

Firstly we picked up a Skinny Mixes Pomegranate Cranberry Cocktail Mix. Both me and my boyfriend are suckers for cocktails so this looked really nice, all you have to add is vodka. Because this is a Skinny Mix, it has low calories and reduced sugar which is always good! This was only £2.00 so it was a total bargain.

Next we picked up another cocktail mix, this one was Pepper Creek Farms Pomegranate Martini Mix. I think this one sounds gorgeous, I love the bottle it comes in and the design on the front. Again all you have to add is vodka. This one was a little more expensive at £4.99 but that's still a really good bargain. I really want a proper cocktail shaker and glasses so I will definitely get round to buying some to make these cocktails at home! 

Finally I bought a new baking book (as if I need another baking book!). Anyway Homesense had a really nice selection of baking books, I would've bought them all if I had the money! But I settled on this one. It's called Vintage Cakes and I completely fell in love with it. I love anything vintage and I thought this book was gorgeous. I couldn't believe it was only £5.00, such a bargain. I also picked up another baking book for my mam for Mother's Day but I will do a separate post on all the things I bought for her! 

I really love this shop, totally gutted we don't have one here but the majority of the things they sell I can find in TK Maxx so I guess that will have to do! Have you visited Homesense?  


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  1. Vintage Cakes looks like my kind of book - pretty, girly and with some traditional sweets on the cover. And for £5, amazing!
    Daniela xo // danielascribbles // click here to enter my MAC giveaway!


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