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So today I went to Discount UK with my mam, not thinking I would find anything particularly special, but how wrong I was! If you don't have a Discount UK near you it's just like Home Bargains etc. Firstly I was so surprised to see they stocked Aussie products which are my absolute fave! I picked up the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner for only £2.99 each which I thought was so good! Next I picked up an Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray. I have just ran out of my last heat protection spray and thought this looked good, especially for 99p! I then noticed a hair treatment which looked interesting. It's called Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment. It's basically a leave in intensive treatment hair mask. It looked so nice and I couldn't believe it was only 99p! I will definitely be posting a review on this, hope it works well! 

Overall I was more than pleased with the products I picked up, for so cheap as well! Have you picked up any good bargains recently? 



  1. I literally just bought the same hair mask from Home & Bargain. Gonna review it next week. Here is hoping it works, would be nice to continue paying 99p for products as appose to 10.99 :)
    x Tink x

    1. I really hope it does, such a great bargain! :) x


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