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We recently got a new Avon woman in our area, we didn't get Avon in our area for absolutely ages so I was really excited to have a flick through the catalogue. I know you can buy Avon online now, but I wasn't really that desperate to buy Avon products. To be honest I wasn't blown away with the products they had but there were a few little things I thought I would try. The only makeup I've ever used from Avon is the Ideal Flawless Foundation which didn't really float my boat. 

I bought two nail varnishes, the first one was was Speed Dry in the colour Smoky Plumes which is a purple ish type colour. The second nail varnish I got was Colortrend in the colour Very Violet which is a nice shimmery blue/purple colour. 

Then I got the Colortrend Concealer in the shade Light. This concealer is in a stick form and looks looks just like a lipstick. 

Then I bought the Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Hot Hair Oil. I've used Avon hair products in the past, I've tried the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner as well as leave in conditioner. They have all been nice in the past so I'm hoping this should be good.

Finally I bought Ultra Colour Lipstick in the shade Optimistic Orchid which is a really nice pinky/purple shade. 

I will be reviewing most of these products so stay tuned! Have you picked up anything nice from Avon recently? 

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  1. Yayyyy for avon! :)



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