Whittard of Chelsea Haul

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get a box full of Whittard of Chelsea goodies from my boyfriend. I have been a massive fan of them forever and was over the moon to receive this. I absolutely love their hot chocolate and have tried a few in the past, my boyfriend picked out two he knew I wanted to try, along with mini marshmallows and chocolate spoons! I'l post a little bit about each of the products along with prices in case you want to go out and buy them which I recommend you do, especially if you haven't tried their products before! 

 Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate- £5.50/Creme Brulee Flavour Hot Chocolate- £5.50/Milk Chocolate Stirrer- £2.50/Caramel Chocolate Stirrer- £2.50 

 Creme Brulee Flavour Hot Chocolate- £5.50- A deliciously sweet and creamy white hot chocolate with the intense flavour of caramel that has been inspired by the popular French dessert Creme Brulee. I absolutely love this flavour, it's a must if you like white hot chocolate, which sometimes can be bland on its own, but with the extra taste of caramel, it's gorgeous! 

 Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate- £5.50- This hot chocolate is pure temptation, combining exquisite chocolate with a hint of marshmallow, cherry and biscuit. This flavour is lovely, the chocolate is really luxurious and there are small but flavourful notes of marshmallow, biscuit and cherry. 

Mini Marshmallows- I can't find a price for these since they are not sold on the website, however I'm sure they won't be expensive! I love marshmallows, even more when they're on hot chocolate, these are gorgeous and give your hot chocolate that extra flavour! 

Milk Chocolate Stirrer- £2.50- Caramel Chocolate Srirrer- £2.50- I love the idea of these however I am yet to try them. You just have to stir them into a cup of hot milk and watch the chocolate melt in. I can't wait to try these, I'm sure they will be just as delicious as the rest of their products! 


  1. These look amazing! Especially the Rocky Road one :)



  2. I love Whittard, especially their fruit tea! I've tried a hot chocolate and I remember it being really sickly, was a long time ago though, and these look amazing! xx


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