Wax Wednesday | For Every Body Candle Candy Cane | Review

For this Wax Wednesday I will be reviewing a candle I have had for a while now, it's by the company For Every Body and the scent is Candy Cane. I will admit that the scent Candy Cane could be considered Christmassy, however the to me the peppermint scent can be used all year round. 
My mam bought me this candle last year and she can't remember where she bought it (mothers eh?) so I can't comment on the price etc. I have looked on the internet quickly and you can purchase them on eBay and some other websites and from what I can tell this candle would be no more expensive than your average Yankee Candle. Probably less expensive for the weight of the candle. The candle is huge and you do get a lot for your money, I think that the burning time is quite good and have had a good few hours out of it so far and you can't really tell. I also like that this candle has two wicks. I think this is handy because with cheaper candles they often go out and the wicks are really rubbish, but I think these ones are quite good. 

The scent as stated above is peppermint, your average candy cane flavour. I think this scent is lovely and really pepperminty (that's not a word). The scent is really strong and with some cheaper scented candles you can hardly smell them, but this one can definitely be smelt. I said before that some may consider this to be Christmassy, and to be fair the label is quite Christmassy but to me peppermint isn't just a winter scent. With Spring approaching I still think that this candle is appropriate. Overall I really like this candle, the scent is lovely and you really get a lot for your money, which is great if you're nifty thrifty like me! 



  1. I bought this over Christmas in TKMax. I actually stashed it away in a cupboard once the festive season was over cause I thought the jar looked christmassy. However I might sneak mine back out too :-P It is a lovely smell.

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

    1. Aw you totally should! It smells amazing! The label is quite christmassy, just turn it round the other way haha



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