Sunday Funday | Tynemouth Market | The Land of Green Ginger | Raspberry Bazaar

Today I went to Tynemouth with my mam, I love Tynemouth, it's one of my favourite places to visit. I love all the scenery and the high street, but on the weekends they have a huge market in the train station which is always a good place for a look around. The church on the high street has also been converted into a small shopping centre called The Land of Green Ginger. We tried the vintage/retro cafe in there today which was so cute, right up my street. It was 50's themed and full of old posters and used vintage crockery. Another one of my favourite places in Tynemouth is Raspberry Bazaar, the whole shop is jam packed full of goodies, mostly decorative and homeware, but also clothes and jewellery. I'm sure there is no other shop like it, it's so unique.

Tynemouth Market 

The Land of Green Ginger

Raspberry Bazaar


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