Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Hamper

So for Valentine's Day I like to do something unique and homemade for my boyfriend. Last Valentine's Day I threw a little tea party for us, this year I decided I would make my own hamper. I love the idea of hampers but instead of just buying one from a shop I wanted to put one together myself and fill it with things my boyfriend likes or wants. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I think that gifts like this with a lot of thought are so much more special. You can't really see in the photo but in the back I also framed a photo of us that I took with a film camera, I developed the negative and printed the photo in the darkroom which I also think adds a personal touch. I would love to know what you all are doing for Valentine's Day! I will post the details of the hamper below! 

Hamper basket with paper shredding and cellophane- Amazon- Type in D.I.Y Hamper/Red bow- Card Factory- 99p/Lindt Lindor Stawberries & Cream White Chocolate- Sainsbury's- £3.00/Thorntons Chocolate Heart Lollipop- £1.00/Love Hearts Mini Rolls- £1.00/Sainsbury's Sweets- 3 for £1/Quick Milk Sippers- Sainsbury's- 59p/Lego Architecture Empire State Building- £17.49/Penis Pokey Book- Urban Outfitters- £7.99/I Love You Activity Book- Urban Outfitters- £10.00/Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Book- Urban Outfitters- £4.99/Gatsby Cocktails From The Jazz Age- Amazon- £5.03/Ted Baker iPhone 5 Case- John Lewis- £17.00


  1. Many thanks for popping over mine, followed you, would be lovely for a follow back, lovely post and looking forward for more to come!



  2. That's such a lovely idea! I'm very lucky and getting taken away to Glasgow for Valentines and I'm super duper excited. What are you and your boyfriend doing honey? xxx


    1. Aww thanks! That's lovely, we're going out for a meal and cocktails in Newcastle and staying in a surprise hotel my boyfriend booked, I can't wait! xxx

  3. How cute is this, such a great idea, which I thought of doing something like this! xo

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